# Manot

Markdown Note. Saved Locally.



Keyboard Shortcut

Backup notes
Toggle lock input
Focus on the left note
Focus on the right note
Move note to the left
Move note to the right
Add a new note
Delete the current note (immediately)
Increase editor area size
Increase viewer area size

Special Block

"Special Block" is a text between ``` notation. In Manot there are some special blocks that you can use.

Block Description Notation Sample
Common Block Common syntax, for example for highlighting a programming language syntax. ruby, js, json, bash, ...and many more
def sample
  puts 'sample'
Mermaid Diagram To draw various diagrams via mermaid syntax, you can read more about the syntax here Mermaid. mermaid
flowchart LR
a --> b
Calculator Block To calculate math operation, it supports commonly used math operation and other functions that you can see here Evaluator Library. calc
2 * (1 + 2)
Number Block To format any number in the block. num
Calculator with Number Format Block To calculate math operation and also formatting the number. calc-num
  2000 * (1000 + 2000)
JSON Prettifier To convert a json to a pretty json, using 2 spaces indentation. json-pretty
{"sample": "just sample", "sample-2": "just sample 2"}
JSON Single Liner To convert a json to a single line json. json-single
  "sample": "just sample",
  "sample-2": "just sample 2"